• Host
  • 2017/05/02 (Tue) 13:58:22
Hello World!


  • C jay
  • 2017/03/13 (Mon) 16:55:08
In my opinion, all the questions can be quite hard without any hint for people with no programming experience.. anyway, good game man!

Re: GG

  • Host
  • 2017/03/15 (Wed) 02:51:49
Hi, I will consider about the hint section for beginners!
Thanks for the feedback!

No Title

  • Stevo
  • 2017/03/15 (Wed) 00:00:49
-Instructions before game begins
-easier way to replay game as apposed to refreshing the page
-question stage was good with colour system indicating correct and incorrect answers
-final coding question was very good, could be better if answers could be input without deleting the underline
-could lose points for not completing stages the first time or for answering questions wrong
-overall very enjoyable and educational game

Re: No Title

  • Host
  • 2017/03/15 (Wed) 02:47:26
Hi, I have made few changes and now the first 2 problems are solved!
I will work on the 4th bullet point as soon as possible!
Thanks for the feedback and I hope you enjoyed the game!

Very Bad

  • Richard
  • 2017/03/15 (Wed) 01:03:34
I found this website to be incredibly frustrating to use. The flash games were appalling to play - they start immediately after the page loads, so not only does it start very quickly, which makes it particularly difficult to play from a laptop, because you have to move your hands from the trackpad to the arrow keys, but the starting time is also inconsistent after clicking the button to go there. A way to fix this would be to add a countdown before the game begins. Another problem with the flash game is that it doesn't have a pre-loader, which means that the game will start before all of the graphics are loaded, which looks ugly and causes visibility issues.

The multiple choice quiz was very low effort and the answers were very easy, and focused entirely on the syntax of the language rather than semantics. The second level of the quiz was almost completely the same as the first level in terms of answers, and the third level had potential to test those structuring skills and it whimped out and essentially being a clone of the second level. Not impressed.

This whole website reeks of low effort. Those flash games were so incredibly simple that I was doing more complicated flash projects when I was twelve years old. The quizzes are just basic html and an applet that they didn't even write. The minimum amount of effort possible was put into this educational tool. There was no connection between the two types of game - why not make the flash game the whole game and make the fun part about the actual subject matter?

The third quiz was presented in a way that really doesn't make sense to me. The fact that you had to copy the answer from the output really put me off, and it felt trivially simple at the same time. My main criticism of this quiz is that it only tests that you have remembered the words for the syntax in their contexts, and not if you actually understand what they mean.

This feedback page has too many useless options, and you can't resize the textbox vertically and the text doesn't wrap. There is also no indication of how many characters you have written and if there is any maximum length or what that is. It is clearly just a BBS guestboard, which has an excess of useless functionality that just confuses the user.

Re: Very Bad

  • Host
  • 2017/03/15 (Wed) 02:44:44
I have made few changes and solved the problems you have stated in the first paragraph and some of the problems in the 5th paragraph.
I will try my best to fix the other problems.

Thanks for the comment!


  • mt
  • 2017/03/08 (Wed) 00:57:41
Good game!

Re: feedback

  • test2
  • 2017/03/08 (Wed) 01:11:11
I agree! :)